Many thanks for taking the time to visit this website. I hope you find it of some interest. It is intended for reference, not as a sales tool.

I founded the Brandstorm Asia consultancy in 1997 after 20 years as an advertising man in London, Tokyo, Bangkok and Hong Kong.

When I started out on my career I thought it would be for just a few years and I would then go back to my dream of producing and directing opera (which I had done at University and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe). But somehow I got caught up in the fun of it all, especially the challenge of using reason to sell ideas that are essentially emotional.

In 1989 I was posted to Asia and quickly became fascinated. The communication campaigns I was responsible for had to work locally. So it was crucial for me to get to know different cultures in depth.

Discussion with highly intelligent colleagues and clients, navigating through the structures and decision makers of large MNCs, daily observation of people and life, as well as a good dose of research has given me, I hope, the experience needed help protect and enhance the reputation of companies and their brands.

Brandstorm Asia today uses the experience and contacts I have made over the years to help business owners and C level management optimize their 'brand': in other words to improve the way people - customers, staff, influencers, business partners, investors, etc. - think and feel about an entity, its products and services. This inevitably leads to economic benefits, hence: "thinking that produces profit".

My service is personal and bespoke, working with a select group of clients who I know and know me, or who are recommended to me. As required, Brandstorm Asia may bring in other experts on a project basis or work in partnership with other organizations in the fields of design, research, advertising, public relations, branding, valuation, licensing and operational design.

Anthony Pettifer

In Hong Kong, Brandstorm Asia is affiliated with Orijen Ltd.

In Australia, Brandstorm Asia is affiliated to Brandstorm Marketing Pty Ltd.