Research management and analysis (direct and quality control of third parties).

  • Young adult segmentation studies: Key Asian Cities.
  • Young adult social trends studies: Urban China, South Korea, Japan.
  • Study on the image influence of Japan on other Asian markets for major drinks industry multinational.
  • Study of the corporate brand images of India’s leading TV stations.
  • Study of the corporate brand positioning of a major Hong Kong blue chip company amongst multiple stakeholders, including employees and clients.
  • A detailed study of alternative/non-traditional methods of brand communication based on global success of Red Bull.
  • Analysis of employee reputation studies in Asia Pacific for a Fortune 500 company.
  • Analysis and critique of FMCG sales, distribution, brand tracking and segmentation data, and qualitative group discussion research in Taiwan, Indonesia and Russia, to advise on future business strategy.
  • Analysis of domestic wines & spirits industry and trends in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu.
  • Survey amongst multiple stakeholders on a proposed Children's Specialist Hospital in Hong Kong.

Strategy development and workshops

  • Corporate and product brand reviews, visioning, positioning and strategies (directed at multiple stakeholder groups).
  • Employee brand positioning to internal targets (management and staff).
  • New brand and new product development workshops.
  • Senior management training workshops on leveraging brand equity across all business disciplines to enhance the bottom line.
  • Brand entry strategies in Asian markets for major FMCG multinationals.
  • Sponsorship and Trademark Diversification strategies.
  • Paper on the opportunities for the development of Chinese brands internationally.